Andrew and I enjoy eating well. We do not usually purchase processed food because we don’t think it is healthy, neither tasty. You can, therefore, expect meals with fresh ingredients every day. I am proud to say that we are an efficient team. Every Friday, we compile a list of menus for the week and, we usually have our shopping delivered at the weekend. If anything is missing, I pop to the nearby supermarket during the week. We also have an excellent butcher’s shop in the high street, which is two steps away from our close.

We each have a favourite list of recipes. Andrew makes tasty salad, fish or pasta dishes while I can cook anything from Indian curry, lasagnes or quiche to bangers (sausages) and mash. We also enjoy soups as we are not keen on eating sandwiches every day.  On sunday, we usually have a roast dinner.

I have a sweet tooth so I love baking!  One of my favourite programs on TV is The Great British Bake Off which is a baking competition.

During your stay, I will schedule a task-based activity when I will ask you to choose a recipe, write a list of ingredients, shop in the supermarket and bake us a lovely dessert! YUM!

I took photos of dishes we prepared recently to show you what you can expect:

  • Fishpie – Caroline
  • Crumble with custard – Caroline
  • Lamb cutlets with ratatouille – Caroline
  • Puttanesca – Andrew
  • Roast beef dinner with Yorshire Puddings – Caroline & Andrew
  • Scrambled eggs on bread with salad – Caroline
  • Chocolate Charlotte – Caroline
  • Beef Salad – Andrew
  • Pasta with vegetables – Caroline
  • Feta rice salad – Andrew
  • Roast chicken dinner – Andrew & Caroline

One of the rules in our house is that our students should tell us if they are cold or hungry. There are always fruits or biscuits in the kitchen. You can help yourself at any time of the day.

If a dish is not to your taste, that is fine too. We can always find something else in the fridge. Before arrival, I usually check what the students eat for breakfast and whether there are any ingredients that they dislike.

Our priority will be to keep you healthy, happy and to allow you to discover our tasty food and desserts.