This is the transcript of this video:

Caroline – “So, hi, I’m Caroline from Bruneau Language Homes.  I’m sitting here with Andrew, my partner.  I thought it would be a nice idea to…well, to get to know us a little bit better.  So here we are.  Ok, shall we start?  Where are we Andrew?

Andrew – We’re in the garden, under our pagoda with the vine on.  We love our gardening.

Caroline – Yes, we love our gardening.  It’s a great garden.  We are very lucky.

Andrew – Yes, maybe you’ll see it in a video sometime.

Caroline – It would be a good idea, a very good idea.  So, maybe you could tell us what you do.  What do you do?  What’s your job?

Andrew – Well, I work in Digital and I work for a telecommunication company as their Chief Product Owner.  You know this!

Caroline – Yes, I do.  You work very hard, don’t you?

Andrew – Yes.

Caroline – And what do you enjoy?

Andrew – Tennis is my main passion for sport.

Caroline – Tell us, it’s quite special what you do.

Andrew – Is it?

Caroline – Yes, of course!  Tell us!

Andrew – I play at the Oxford University Parks.

Caroline – On grass courts.

Andrew – Yes, on grass courts.  Tennis is not that exceptional but the minds are very good there.  We play with doctors and professors from the University and some Lords and Ladies.  So, it’s very nice.

Caroline – What about in the winter?

Andrew – Hard courts, outside in the cold.

Caroline – Not so nice, not so good.  What else do you do?

Andrew – Cook, which might be important to you if you are coming to stay.

Caroline – Yes, he is a very good cook and so am I!

Andrew – Yes, you are as well.

Caroline – Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Andrew – My summer dish would maybe be mint and Moroccan salad.

Caroline – Delicious.

Andrew – And in the winter, soups and roast beef.

Caroline – And fish as well!

Andrew – Yes, that’s true.  The salmon with jazzy rice.

Caroline – Yes.  What about me?  I like pilates, I go swimming, we regularly go on our walks with Saffron.  It’s very relaxing.  I like cooking as well.  We do lots really, don’t we?  This week-end, we’ve been to an exhibition in Oxford.  There’s so much to do in Oxford.  It’s great!

Andrew – Yes, an exhibition on Raphael.

Caroline – Very, very good.  Also, we go to the cinema and we have friends round, family.  It’s great.  Perhaps, you could say where you are from?  A lovely part of Great Britain.

Andrew – I’m from Cornwall which is right at the bottom, towards America.  That’s a bit silly, isn’t it?

Caroline – Never mind.  Thank you for watching and see you again soon.

Caroline & Andrew – Bye.”