Transcript of this video:

“First of all, about the accommodation.  The accommodation was brilliant.  You have a very nice house and of course I had a big room for myself with a very comfortable bed.  Everything was very clean in the house.  Kidlington is a very nice area for running, especially with Andrew.  During my stay, I became more and more confident and I feel like I was in a little family and I felt very welcome.  Oxford is a really nice and interesting city.  There is a very long and very interesting history especially the colleges are worth a visit and of course I can only recommend the Bodleian Library or the Christchurch or the St Mary’s Tower.  The teaching was very very good.  I improved my grammar abilities, I improved my functional language to get more confident whilst speaking to other persons.  I learnt to use a variety of different vocabulary.  The only thing that I disliked is recording myself.  I would not change anything because it is very good the way you teach, you are a very good teacher.  Everything was understandable.  It’s just brilliant the way you teach.  I can only recommend to come and stay with Caroline, Andrew and Saffron of course and you will have a good time.”